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Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur is situated about 20 km from Shahjalal International Airport , Dhaka surrounded by scenic beauty . It is deemed as the seat of learning in the arena 'Engineering and Technology' across the country. Only the diploma students can avail themselves of enrolling here to be graduates. The M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs are open for all eligible ones that are designed to foster future scholars and practitioners, by developing an attitude to continue studying lifelong and capacity to explore specially seeking the newest knowledge of Technology. It being one of the most famous educational institutions , DUET, Gazipur plays a pivotal role in the concerned domestic and global premises. At this juncture of the change of global perspective,DUET,Gazipur is supposed to make an epoch-making turn. Best wishes Professor Dr.Mohammed Alauddi .


As a consequence of globalization and increased cross border mobility many avenues of opportunities have become open to all countries. Bangladesh intends to avail those opportunities to build a knowledge society for attaining the middle income status by 2020. Quality tertiary education can play the steering role to achieve the goal. But currently its tertiary education has been facing many deeply rooted and intertwined challenges like- inadequate funding, inadequate quality of education and research, weak governance and accountability, poor planning and monitoring capacities. These drawbacks can only be mitigated by developing a quality culture and ensuring good practices in higher education institutions (HEIs).

The government of Bangladesh (GoB) has recognized that the country is running back in a highly competitive global economy because its tertiary education systems are not adequately prepared to capitalize on the creation and application of knowledge. It also has realized that the state has the responsibility to put in place an enabling culture that would encourage tertiary education institutions to be more innovative and responsive to the demanding needs for rapid economic growth, and to empower the graduates with right skills for successfully competing in the global knowledge economy.University Grants Commission, (UGC) Bangladesh is the apex body that acts as the intermediary between the Government and the universities for regulating the affairs of all the universities. UGC does not have any effective quality assurance (QA) wing that can help to ensure QA mechanism in public and private universities. This deficiency was recognized in the Strategic Plan for Higher Education 2006-2016, University Grants Commission and National Education Policy 2010. The Strategic Plan, inter alia, recommended the establishment of an independent Accreditation Council for both public and private universities in Bangladesh. As a follow up of the Strategic Plan UGC has been implementing the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) with the financial support of the World Bank from mid 2009.

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