Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Mission and Vision


To achieve academic excellence through quality assurance practices in higher education institutions (HEIs) as a credible and internationally recognized agency.


Governance becomes a crucial issue in quality assurance in higher education. Governance at university encompasses the organizational structures, legislative framework and processes through which, policies and programs are developed, managed and delivered. Governance facilitates the achievement of the stated mission and objectives of the university. The central administration and statutory bodies like Board of Trustees, Syndicate, Academic Council and the Vice Chancellor are the powerful actors in university’s governance system. The players involved in ensuring he governance at the university includes all the administrative layers from top management to the program level management. Some of the areas of governance at the university include the following but not limited.

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    Working for a World Free of Poverty
  • DUET
    Working for a World Free of Poverty
    The development objective of the Additional Financing.
  • UGC
    UGC of Bangladesh is the statutory apex body in the field of higher education in Bangladesh
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    Bangladesh Government